Routine Maintenance

We enjoy fixing up our houses to make them look better. We also understand that accidents will happen and occasionally things break. No problem! Please call us when repairs are needed and we’ll take care of them as soon as possible.

When repairs are the result of old age or other house malfunctions, of course there is no charge. But broken windows of any kind, clogged drains due to tampons or hair, stuck garbage disposals due to beer caps or glass, holes in the wall due to excessive merriment—hey, we’re going to send you the bill and expect payment immediately. Fair enough?

All routine maintenance needs should be e-mailed to our office. Please e-mail Make sure the subject line states your address. Please put your name and telephone number in the event our maintenance staff needs to contact you. We try to resolve all maintenance problems within 72 hours. During turnover, however, maintenance may take a little more time because of all the
requests we receive. We appreciate your patience.

Per your lease “unsubstantiated service or testing calls” are billed at a minimum of $300 per call. What does this mean? If we come to your unit or house and find there is no issue or you caused the issue you will be responsible for the service call.

Emergency Maintenance

If you have an actual emergency, text David (425) 754-8945. Don’t call and leave a message because he gets a lot of calls and has an irritating habit of not returning calls. But if you text him with your name and house address, and you tell him that there’s water pouring through the ceiling, he’s likely to handle this reeeeal quick. You should call 911 if you have a fire or intruder or a life-threatening event.

What is emergency maintenance?

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Sewer Back-up
  • No Heat

What happens if I am locked out?

We do consider being locked out an emergency, but you should understand that there are consequences. During normal business hours you can text David at (425) 754-8945 and he can unlock your house or room for $200 payable at time of entry.

However, if you call after 5:00 p.m. or during a weekend or holiday, you should call a locksmith to let you in to your home and/or bedroom. It is your responsibility to keep track of your keys or know your keypad combination.

Sewer Back-up

If you are experiencing a sewer back-up you should immediately stop running water in the house. This includes dishwashers, toilets and showers. Text David at (425) 754-8945 and give him your house address and let him know what’s happening. Every unit should invest in a really good high quality plunger for your toilet which you can order on Amazon.

In the event that our company has to camera your or flush out your sewer line, and we find little treats such as tampons, maxi pads, condoms, fresh wipes, etc. in the sewer line, you will be paying for this very expensive service to be performed. The cost is generally $400-$500 but can be more.
If your sink is backing up and you are not using sink stoppers to prevent hair from going down the sink you will be charged for a service call.

Ladies… Please do not think we were born yesterday. Our homes & toilets have been around a lot longer than you tenants have been. We know when you are flushing little treats into the system. DO NOT FLUSH FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS! It won’t be fun cleaning up sewage and UW Rent’s will have no part of it.

No Heat/Heating

In the event your furnace or electric baseboard stops working please contact our office immediately. Do not wait all day long to call. Our company would rather fix your issue during normal business hours. Please check the breaker box for any flipped breakers before putting in a maintenance ticket.

During the cold months your furnace must be kept above 60 degrees. Do not turn the furnace off when you go to school. Do not turn the furnace off when you go home for break. If your pipes freeze because the furnace has been turned off you will be charged for the damage that results.

Ants/Rodents—Where are they coming from?

It is actually very rare for our units/homes to be infested with bugs. Bugs normally surface for one reason and that is for food. Dirty plates, beer cups, BTB containers, Jimmy John wrappers, etc., all have what ants and rodents want. If you clean up your garbage and wipe down your floors that will help prevent ants and rodents. If you call our office complaining about ants or rodents and we find that your housekeeping, or lack thereof, is the reason, you will be paying for the exterminator’s visit.