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Bus Routes Metro Seattle & UW Commuter Services2021-07-26T15:39:59-07:00

Information about the metro bus schedule and routes can be found here.

Frequent questions about leases2021-07-26T15:52:19-07:00
  • Leases start around Sept 1st
  • Leases start at 5 pm on the day the lease starts
  • All leases end on Aug 30th at 8 am
  • No animals/pets. No smoking
I like a property. What will secure the lease for my group?2021-07-29T10:22:38-07:00

To start, we will need completed applications for the new tenants plus the $45 application processing fee for each new potential tenant.

We process the applications once we have all the applications and fees. Generally we can get back to you within 24 hours regarding acceptance. We operate on a first come-first serve basis for available units.

Note: If applicant is coming from the dorms at UW they need only to contact arhfs@u.washington.edu See applications for Students Living in Dorm in FAQs.

If your applications are approved, we will email you a copy of the lease for your review. At lease signing we collect only a holding deposit (which is roughly equal to one months rent). The holding deposit converts to a refundable security deposit after move in and the completion of the property condition report done on the same day as move in.

Once the lease is signed and the deposit has been paid the unit is reserved for you until move in.

How many people may we have live in each unit?2022-03-02T14:16:54-08:00

Normally, we allow one person per bedroom. On occasion, we will allow additional renters to share a bedroom in some of the larger units but this is only with our specific permission. There will be a charge of $400 per month per additional renter. This needs to be brought to our attention at the time of the application. After move-in, no additional renters are allowed without our express approval.

What are good safety precautions for living off campus?2021-07-26T16:00:36-07:00

Once you’ve selected a place to live off-campus, take a few minutes to review the following suggestions that will help you keep your apartment secure. Off-campus safety is based on common sense and personal responsibility. You are most likely sharing a rental with other people. It is important that everyone has an equal role in making sure that the rental is secured when a roommate leaves for class, heads home for the weekend, spends a night out with friends, or leaves for work.

Inside the Rental

  • If the unit is completely empty, leave a light on when you are gone, or purchase a utility timer that can turn lights off and on automatically.
  • Test smoke detectors every month.
  • Purchase renter’s insurance. It is not that expensive and may save you money if there is an accident or a burglary.
  • Keep emergency numbers in an accessible location for all of the tenants.
  • Know your roommates’ security habits. You are only as safe as your roommates allow you to be.


  • Always keep doors and windows locked.
  • Ask to see company ID when utility or service people come to your door.
  • Try to determine who is knocking before you open the door. Question the stranger through the door.
  • Keep the blinds or drapes closed when you are gone.
  • If you lose your keys and your address was with your keys, work with the landlord to replace your locks immediately.
  • Don’t put ID tags with an address on your key ring.

Outside the Rental

  • Have someone check on your place when you are out of town, and have the post office hold your mail. If you subscribe to newspapers, hold those as well.
  • Get to know the area in which your rental is located.
  • Do not walk alone after dark. Contact a friend who can take you where you need to go.
  • Get to know someone in the immediate vicinity who you can call in case of an emergency.
  • Never leave your key outside under a mat or in a place accessible to a stranger.
  • Never leave notes on your door or messages on your answering machine that indicate that you are away.
Can I have a deadbolt lock for my room door?2021-07-26T16:01:34-07:00

Yes, but with rules and at your expense!. You need a non-keyed turnlock on the inside of the door (single cylinder deadbolt).

We do not want locks in the door knob as they can be accidently be locked when leaving. We need a copy of the key, labelled clearly and mailed to us. If there is a deadbolt in the door already, you may get it rekeyed, as long as you use a single cylinder. Single cylinder means keyed on outside, turn key on inside.

One of the renters has moved out?2021-07-26T16:02:52-07:00

If someone moves out, the group is responsible to collect the rent from the party who leaves or find an acceptable (to us) renter/replacement. You are jointly responsible for each other.

How to sublease my room? How do I remove or add myself from a lease? (READ EVERYTHING!!)2021-07-29T10:25:44-07:00
  1. Please email the property manager for details if you are considering this.
  2. Sublets and Lease additions/deletions are different processes and we allow both. Please email the property manager for an explanation. You can also refer to your lease for fees associated with this.
  3. We do not get involved with internal money exchange for a sublet or a lease change.
  4. We do not refund security deposits until the end of the lease and only to those tenants who are still on the lease.
  5. We recommend you enter into a sublease contract with your sublessor but this is not required. We do not provide this contract.
  6. Sublessor may NOT move in until application of sublessor is reviewed and the application fee is paid. Once accepted the property manager will email you written approval you can move forward.
Can we paint rooms or common areas?2021-07-29T10:55:51-07:00

In many cases yes but please check with the property manager first.

My rent check is late!2021-07-29T10:28:07-07:00

Rent checks are due on the 1st of the month and we have a generous grace period until the 5th of the month. Rent paid after the 5th is considered late is billed at $100 late fee plus $50 each day late. So rent paid on the 6th carries a $150 initial fee. Rent paid on the 7th is $200 total fee. Late fees must be paid as well to stop ongoing daily charges.

What if our check bounces?? (NSF)2021-07-29T10:28:41-07:00

If your check is returned NSF, we will charge you an additional NSF fee of $35 plus late fees. We are not responsible to let you know if your check was returned NSF although we will contact your unit to advise that rent has not been paid in full.

We have locked ourselves out, what do we do?2021-07-29T10:29:42-07:00

If you are locked out of the house, or your room, you may need to call a locksmith. You will be totally responsible for any fees and charges. If the lock and/or door has to be broken, you will be responsible for any damage. If we are available and have the key you need, we will come to the house to let you in for a $200 fee. We will not guarantee that we will be available. Don’t lose your keys!

The weather is freezing, what do we need to do?2021-07-27T09:13:39-07:00

Take care to prevent damage before a major freeze occurs! Temperatures that fall below 20 degrees, particularly when accompanied by high winds dramatically increase the possibility of frozen water pipes and the resulting damage from bursting and flooding. It is important to plan ahead and follow some simple guidelines.

Specifically as follows:

  • Keep all rooms heated to at least 60 degrees.
  • Outside faucets must be covered with foam protectors or wrapped in rags and plastic. Call us if you do not have an adequate supply.
  • Hoses MUST be disconnected from outside faucets.
  • At least one inside faucet should drip: LUKEWARM water so that both hot and cold water pipes are involved.
  • Pipes under kitchen & bathroom sinks are very vulnerable, sink cabinet doors should be left open to allow heat from the residence to enter.
  • Outside faucets water should be shut off at the main valve.
  • If the break is a hot water pipe, the valve on top of water tank should be closed.
  • KNOW THE LOCATION OF ALL WATER SHUTOFF VALVES. If you cannot locate your shutoff valves, call us.
  • If a plumber must be called, call us first, unless flooding is occurring!
What do we do if it snows?2021-07-27T09:14:23-07:00
  • In the case of heavy snowfalls, remove snow from shrubs to avoid breakage.
  • You are responsible for shoveling and salting walkways. (if needed)
  • Please call immediately with any leaks in basement or roof, etc.
  • Check outside downspouts and make sure the elbows are connected.  This prevents flooding in basement.
Our whole group wants to re-rent the same unit for the next year.2021-07-29T10:30:32-07:00

Call or email your property manager to discuss next steps and details.

Some of our group wants to re-rent for next year. What to do?2021-07-29T10:31:25-07:00

Call or email your property manager to discuss next steps and details.

We think we have mold in our unit. What do we do?2021-07-27T09:18:34-07:00

Please read the handout on MOLD in your original move in package and let us know if you have an issue.

For Students living in UW Dorm… Follow these instructions…2021-07-27T09:20:18-07:00

Please send email using you UW account to arhfs@u.washington.edu requesting the UW Housing Dept to provide us with the following information…

1. Whether or not you paid your rent on time
2. If not, how many times you were late
3. If you caused any noise or damage problems.

After you receive this information, email it to dangottesman8@gmail.com.

Move out Check list… Follow these instructions…2021-07-27T09:21:08-07:00
  1.       Leave front door and room keys
  2.       Leave forwarding address with landlord
  3.       Clean yard
  4.       Clean House
  5.       Notify Post Office for mail forwarding
  6.       Notify Gas Co
  7.       Notify Seattle City Light of your last day
  8.       Leave list of any problems in the unit/house that you are aware of eg. leaks or non working appliance
Set up electric account with Seattle City Light2021-07-27T09:23:05-07:00

One day before your move-in, call City of Seattle at 206-684-3000.
Give them your new address and your unit number.
Give them your name and tell them you want to open a new account
Give them the day of your move-in.
If you have had an account with them before, you will be all done.
If not they will tell you that after you are done setting up account on the phone
You will need to go to their office, 4534 University Way NE, and show ID.
You can do it as soon as you get off phone or the next day.

What do I do with overfilled garbage containers?2021-07-27T09:24:34-07:00

Please call (206) 684-7665 if you need extra collections of your garbage or recycling containers.

A more cost-effective alternative may be to make arrangements with your neighborhood hauler, CleanScapes. You may call them at (206) 250-7500 to obtain a large temporary container for your excess garbage.

All extra garbage must be properly contained in cans, bags, or bundles. If city inspectors find extra garbage in, on, or around your container on non-collection days, it will be collected and you will be charged appropriately.

How do I get rid of large or bulky items (appliances, mattresses)?2021-07-27T09:26:19-07:00

Your garbage collector will not pick up appliances, furniture, or mattresses. Please call Seattle Public Utilities at (206) 684-7665 for collection, The cost is $30 per item, plus an additional $8 for items such as old refrigerators that contain hazardous chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons.

A better option may be to arrange with one of the many local charities to collect reusable items.

Please be mindful that improper disposal of garbage can result in penalties, which may include large fines, citations, and/or arrest.

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